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Purchase and Sale Transactions

Whether purchasing or selling a business or real estate, we can help.   The purchase-and-sale forms that business and real estate agents and brokers provide are only that:  forms.  They are not built for any one particular purchase-and-sale situation; rather, they are “one-size-fits-all.”  Except often it doesn’t.

A Purchase Agreement that Meets Your Needs

We can help you craft your purchase-and-sale contract to fit your deal the way you want it.  And, whether your purchase-and-sale agreement is an off-the-shelf form or a custom agreement, invariably there is a great deal of detailed complexity in wading through all the due diligence requirements and contingencies.  Again, we can help.

Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreement

If you’re buying commercial real estate, do you need estoppel certificates from the tenants, or their leases reviewed?  Zoning laws double-checked?  Disclosure statement review and follow-up?  We can help you with all this and more in helping you complete your purchase or sale transaction.

Home Purchase Agreements

If you’re buying or selling a home, do you need help tracking your disclosure or remediation deadlines?  Reviewing and responding to inspection reports?  Making sure there are no hidden traps in the RETDS?  Give us a call; we are here to help.

Something Not Disclosed? We Can Help

And of course, if you didn’t bother with the “ounce of [legal] prevention” medicine in your purchase-and-sale transaction, and now need your “pound of cure”, we can help with that as well.  So now you’ve purchased that new business or property, but something that should have been disclosed was not, or something is not as it was represented to be (hopefully, for your sake, in writing).  We will assist in holding the responsible parties accountable.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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