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Business Law

We offer a wide range of business law services, ranging from formation (start-ups) to ongoing corporate law issues (corporate minutes and reorganizations, LLC reorganizations, business purchase and sale agreements, trademark procurement and protection), to business contracts (sales and distribution agreements, invoice terms, licenses), to employment law services (offer letters, confidentiality and intellectual property assignment agreements, employee handbooks, harassment investigations, wage & hour advice, employment litigation services), to business real estate assistance (lease review, negotiation and litigation), to business insurance (policy review, claims and litigation).  Our goal is to be your “one-stop shop” for day-to-day legal needs of small and medium-sized business… the outside “inside” counsel you pick up the phone and call whenever you have a legal question.

Business Formation

We help you choose the correct form of legal entity for your business; then we do all the paperwork (including the stuff the self-help sites leave out).  Forming a corporation, LLC, partnership, or other legal entity? View further information about our business formation, registration and formalization services.

Warranty Law

They made a promise it would work a certain way; or, there’s no way you can guarantee it will work that way.  We help draft warranties and warranty disclaimers; we help enforce or defend against warranty claims.  View further information about our warranty drafts and warranty disclaimers.

Fraud Law

The other side lied, made a misrepresentation, or hid something important, and you relied on it (or the absence of “it”) and got hurt.  What to do?  We can help. View further information about our services relating to fraud.

Debt Collection

You have a great contract, and you sold the product or performed the service, but you didn’t get paid.  Now what?  It’s time for contract enforcement. View further information about our collections services.

Business Contract

An ounce of legal prevention is worth a pound of legal cure.  Make sure you have a solid legal foundation for your business relationships; it can save you oodles in money and frustration down the road. View for further information about our contract drafting services.

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