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Real Estate

We have a deep and wide range of real estate law experience, including in such areas as purchase and sale agreements (drafting, negotiation, and litigation), leasing issues (same), fraud and non-disclosure in the purchase, sale and/or leasing of real estate, real estate broker and agent malpractice, construction defects, mechanics lien recording and foreclosure, adverse possession and other boundary line disputes, restrictive covenant enforcement, nuisance, wrongful foreclosure, and the list goes on.

As a real estate investor himself, Steve has practical insight into what works and doesn’t work for real estate owners and developers.  Whether you are a real estate owner, wanna-be owner, real estate professional, or real estate investor, we can help you with your real estate legal needs.  Contact us to find out more about our real estate experience.

Purchases & Transactions

Sometimes, to avoid paying commissions, buyers and sellers of real estate prefer to enter into real estate purchase and sale agreements without using a real estate agent or broker.  In such real estate transactions, and in all real estate purchase and sale situations that are more than just simple deals, the parties are well-advised to work with attorneys.  Find out more about real estate and business Purchases and Sale Transactions.

Real Estate Leasing

There can be many hidden traps in commercial real estate leases.  These leasing issues can involve environmental hazard pitfalls, security deposit complications, and even a landlord’s ability to take your space away without  a breach of the lease.  Prospective commercial tenants are well-served to have their leases reviewed by an attorney.  And if you are a landlord, those “off-the-shelf” lease forms are often only a starting point. Often they are out-of-date and do not include the latest in landlord protections or statutory requirements.  Your property may have special issues that the forms were not drafted to accommodate.  We can draft or update your lease to the latest standards.  View more about Real Estate Leasing.

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