We handle cases arising out of all kinds of accidents, from auto accidents to slip or trip and fall accidents, to electrocutions, to product-related accidents (saw, ladder, drug, etc.) and so on.  We do offer contingent fee arrangements for the right accident cases (i.e., we don’t get paid unless you get paid).   Our initial legal “big-firm” training included many such cases (although more often from the defense side), and we have carried that experience forward.

Accident Claims We Take

We are VERY choosy, however, about the types of accident cases we will take on a contigent fee arrangement.  We can afford to be choosy because we have plenty of hourly work to fill our time.  So you know if we take your accident case on a contingent fee basis, it is because we believe it will result in a recovery.

Our basic criteria for contingent fee work are as follows:  (1) Clear liability (e.g., someone ran a red light, violated a safety regulation, or similar, causing injury); (2) likely damages of at least $100,000 (usually meaning medical expense and future medical expense is likely to be at least $25,000 to $30,000); and (3) deep pockets to collect from (most often insurance).  Please respect our time by restricting your calls to our office about accident cases to accidents that may invoke all three of these criteria.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident through no fault of your own, please contact our office for an interview.