Truth is, the only true “trial lawyers” these days practice criminal law.  98% of all civil cases settle before trial, which is why strong negotiation skills are an essential for every litigator.  But, as with international diplomacy, you must be prepared to go to war (trial), and capable of winning that war, to achieve the best results.  And, despite an attorney’s best negotiating efforts, some cases will inevitably do go to trial.  So it is essential to hire a litigator who actually takes cases to trial and has strong trial skills, as we do.

From a trial lawyer’s perspective, there is nothing quite so enervating as a strong, well crafted cross-examination.  Every question should be designed to make a point, the points should flow logically from one to the next, and “never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.”

But there is so much more to being a strong trial lawyer than the “Perry Mason” moment.  A great knowledge of the rules of evidence and procedure, and the ability to anticipate when and how to use them are critical.  Beyond that, every strong trial lawyer has his or her own way of connecting with the judge and jury.  Our own strength in trial lies in the unadulterated appearance of honesty.  That is why we prefer cases in which can be won at trial without attempting to deceive or conceal facts from the fact finder.  No case is free of blemishes; our strength in trial is in artfully presenting blemishes as humanizing  aspects of a case.  No one is perfect; you are usually better off connecting with people by letting them see that you are imperfect like them, rather than giving the perception that you have something to hide.  For us, trial is all about establishing trust between us, our clients, and the the judge and jury.

If you are prepared to bare your soul before a jury and ask for justice, let us help by contacting us today.