Contract Litigation

Contracts are our bread and butter.  We draft contracts; we litigate over contracts.  You name the type of contract, and the chances are we have been extensively involved in drafting, negotiating and/or litigating over it:  real estate purchase and sale contracts, lease contracts for real and personal property, business purchase and sale contracts, loan and collateral security contracts, product manufacturing and distribution contracts, employment contracts, partnership and limited liability company contracts, insurance contracts, trademark and copyright license contracts, and others.

Guess what?  That fine print on the back of a purchase order or confirmation?  That can make a big difference if there is a dispute down the road.  Disputes can be resolved quickly if you have the contract leverage to bring the other side to its knees.  Let us help you whip your purchase orders and confirmations into shape.  Then, if the other side tries to wriggle out, let us show our stuff when it comes to enforcement!

So whether you have a contract drafting need, or a contract dispute, contact us to find out how we can help.