Litigation is the linchpin of our practice.  Mr. Pappas cut his teeth in a “big firm” litigation practice on all manner of cases:  medical malpractice, auto, products liability, employment, real estate, sales and distribution contracts, insurance coverage and bad faith among them.

Litigation and trial skills, such as questioning witnesses, filing and arguing motions, and preparing and delivering opening statements and closing arguments, have been estimated to form up to 85% of the necessary knowledge to win a case.  Knowledge of the law at issue in the litigation is important too, but a broad knowledge of law is often more important than what might at first appear to be the central legal issue in a case.  A broad knowledge of the law, such as we have, allows us to spot ancillary issues in litigation which might not be apparent to someone who is narrowly focused on the central issue; and many cases end up turning on those ancillary issues.

Don’t get us wrong.  We always delve deep into the central litigation issues too.  But often what appears to be the central issue at first blush does not end up being the issue that resolves the case.  So we bring to bear the full breadth of our knowledge on a wide variety of business issues to every case we litigate.

Often, the best business advice is to avoid litigation, not at all costs, but when it’s possible to achieve a reasonable dispute resolution.  Thus, we count negotiating skills among our strongest litigation attributes.  So if you are looking for an attorney who is unafraid to aggressively prosecute or defend your case through trial, but remains fully capable of directing the case to a reasonable resolution when it is available, contact us.  We offer a free one-half hour consultation on litigation matters.

Trial Litigation

Beyond a strong knowledge of the rules of evidence and procedure, and the ability to use them to your advantage, every strong trial lawyer must connect with the judge and jury. Our strength is using the imperfections of your case (and every case has them) to connect with the jury at Trial.

Contract Litigation

Whether you need a contract drafted, or have a contract dispute, contact us to find out how we can help. We’ll draft a bulletproof contract, minimizing the impact of future disputes on you or your business. If the other side tries to ignore the agreement, we can help you enforce it.  Learn more about Contract Litigation services.