Business Contract

We use our experience litigating over contracts to inform our contract drafting; we use our experience drafting contracts to inform our litigation.  It’s an advantage that lawyers who solely draft contracts or who solely litigate do not bring to the table.  Certain contract clauses that other lawyers might throw into a contract without thinking, such as attorney fee clauses, arbitration clauses, and non-compete provisions, we have litigated over to the point where we have a better idea when to include or omit those clauses when drafting.

Contract Drafting Plan

One key purpose of clearly drafting a contract is to avoid later disputes.  Good contract planning can save the parties from paying their lawyers lots of money down the road.  This is the genesis of our motto, that when it comes to legal medicine, as with other types:  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Making the investment in a good contract up front is invariably far less expensive than fighting over what a bad contract means later.

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