What good is making the sale if you can’t collect on it?  Mastering the art of collections requires both preventative and curative legal medicine.  We help you ensure collections BEFORE you make the sale, by preparing your sales documents the right way and counseling your A/R professionals.  That fine print on the back of invoices that you always ignore? There is much helpful legal language you can include on YOUR invoices which make collection of unpaid invoices far easier.  We also help prepare your credit application forms in ways which can increase your collections leverage, by increasing the number of persons from whom you can collect, and multiplying your remedies for collecting on unpaid invoices.  Finally, we teach your A/R professionals to get after those unpaid invoices before they become a serious collections problem.

Collection Services

But, if all else fails, we will take your collections case to court to obtain a judgment against your scofflaw customers in as cost-efficient a manner as possible; or, if it is more cost-effective to go to small claims court (where no lawyers are allowed) we can help you prepare, file and serve the collections forms.  Then, we will take all prudent steps to enforce payment of your collections judgment, including wage garnishment and levy on bank accounts, personal property and real estate.

So, if collections is a concern for your business (and it’s a concern for EVERY business), contact us to discuss how to best minimize your collections risk, and how to get after those late payers.